Oh the timing…

On the ferry to St. John

Getting the notification for the Diablo 3 beta while in the Virgin Islands (granted, for work and all) is quite a good bit of timing.  If I was to pick, karmically, when I was going to be in the 100k for the next beta key release, of COURSE it would have be where I was over 2K miles from my gaming rig and could only wince every time I looked at my personal email.  Needless to say, I wouldn’t trade it as VI is, for all it’s quirks, and amazing place on the planet–D3 was nice to come home to.  Unlike Starcraft 2, the D3 beta loaded FAST, within half and hour it was ready to roll.   I haven’t gotten in on it yet, but tonight!

Like I’ve said before:  Torchlight 2 is being made to be the game we all want to play while Diablo 3 is the game Blizzard wants to make and will let us play.  D3 will have to be played through once, but due to mods and all that madness, Torchlight 2 is the one I think will have the most longevity.

2 thoughts on “Oh the timing…”

  1. Torchlite 2 is daring to blow a raspberry in Blizzard’s direction. They may even moon them while they are at it.

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