office mayhem

From a few years back:

To whomever left the stack of old Dreadstar comics in the 3rd floor men’s room…

At first I laughed at them. But during my restroom visits over the past few weeks I have come to appreciate and enjoy the adventures Of Vanth Dreastar, Oedi the cunning cat-man, Iron Angel, and the rest of this rag-tag crew of space-adventurers. Plus I think the reading is keeping me ‘regular’.

So please bring in more issues, preferably where the other one’s left off. I want to see how Vanth and Co are going to destroy the fat green guy they just mistakenly made ruler of the universe.

5 thoughts on “office mayhem”

  1. Was this a publication you were populating the restroom with or a note you left for someone else that had been populating the restroom with the publication?

  2. After 12 something happened… I couldn’t put my finger on it for a long time but what they did is turn it from a gritty space opera type thing into a superheroes in space type deal. For this format and based on the metamorphosis alpha stuff from before (which was definitely not superheroes in space) I think it didn’t work nearly as well, but hey, they wanted to sell comics so things got superheroed up.

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