Nostalgia madness

WOTC has been hitting the old School D&D hard since the announcement of 5th edition– with the reprints of both 3.5 and the original AD&D hardcovers, it’s like 1979 and 2002 all over again.  Showing how far they are willing to go to rope in the nostagists (the 40+ who still play the 1981 boxed editions)– they are now reprinting the original white books (or tan) that kicked off this insane hobby in the first place.

I’ve seen these in the past and read through them a bit (I found one randomly on a dude’s porch one day outdoors) and I have to say it’s pretty much all nostalgia if you want to have these.  It’s not that the rules are shit or anything, it’s just that we have moved FAR beyond what these guys started back in the 70’s.  I can see sticking with the Basic D&D from 1981– but not this far back.  Not that I don’t sort of want these…even if the art isn’t great.

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