Next up for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

After reading 2009, I was sort of WTF about the series– it was good and all but tough to compare to the insanely awesome 1910 and everything that had gone before.  Needless to say, going from 1910 to 2009 with the group, there are a lot of gaps and the next book, out Feb 2013, starts to fill in those gaps with a one off story about the daughter of Nemo (introduced in the 1910 book) who heads to Antarctica.  Since they’ve already done the whole Blazing World bit in the north pole– I’m assuming some Cthulhu stuff in the south…

One thing that should be noted: I really think the Gally-Wag should have his own comic.  Moore took a pretty crazy (and potentially racialist) character and turned him into a perverted, cross-dimensional being with his own language.  What could be better?

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