New Dwarf Fortress Release

I have made statments to the effect that while Minecraft owns the limelight at the moment, Dwarf Fortress will eventually be the game you’ll want to be playing long term as Minecraft is really just a timewaster that runs out of steam pretty quickly. Given that Dwarf Fortress is probably a decade away from a release most people would want to play, Minecraft has a long long time to be the darling of procedurally generated mining games–however, if you can brave the incomplete-ness, there is a new Dwarf Fortress release. Clay, Caravans, Bees, Sheep shearing– tons of stuff in this build– but I wonder if you can still build a ton of fishing infrastructure only to find that fishing hasn’t been implemented…

3 thoughts on “New Dwarf Fortress Release”

  1. but…but… Minecraft is releasing beds!

    You hit it spot on. There’s no difinitive goal in Minecraft other than what you set for yourself. After seeing a working cpu model in the game, I’d decided that my creativity had been shitbombed into the “you can do nothing significant” category. However, keeping your dwarves alive for more than an hour of gameplay in Dwarf Fortress is an actual accomplishment. Those unsuspecting asci fuckers die in the most glorious fashions, too. Hands down the best roguelike I’ve ever played. (Though I do tend to experience an increase in blood pressure when the trap-door-room-flooding-thingamajig fails horribly and I basically drown an entire subterranean level of “D”s)

  2. Oh yeah, if you haven’t already read the compilation about the rise and fall of Boatmurdered, you are in for a treat. Basically a group of guys took tourns and played the game for a season and then did a handoff. The next schmuck takes all the ill-begotten ass hattery from the previous schmuck and schmuckery begins all over again. This this to a grand rise and collapse of a civilization once called Boatmurdered. I laughed often at the accounts:

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