Netrunner continues!

It was pretty shocking when FF cancelled the excellent Netrunner LCG, I’m sure mostly to hardcore fans and not passive fans like myself. I played it as a youth in the mid 90’s for a few months hardcore but then stopped (no $$ for that and Jyhad and Shadowfist and RAGE). The new set I didn’t get into from a $$ perspective too much, just a few expansions and a couple copies of the core box, but I played quite a few times and was glad it was back out. Fans have apparently taken up the torch and will continue to release expansions, much like On the Edge.

If you follow that link and see what they are doing it indicates print on demand: usually something impossible to do since the card quality of print on demand is usually quite bad. This is neat because it’s possible for fans to get together to print some of the old ccg game sets if they have access to the proof sheets. Who knows, we may see Shadowfist or Jyhad going this route in the future, which would be pretty awesome (200 card set for 50$?!).

2 thoughts on “Netrunner continues!”

  1. The card quality from DriveThru is actually pretty solid.
    While the stock feels very very close to the same weight, the one thing that sticks out quite a bit is the width of the card. The height is fairly spot on, but they are roughly 1 mm wider. I think it would take some pretty serious skills to manage feeling the difference if both are in the same sleeves. Also, the print quality is in no way diminished at all. The art is still top notch, all are quite beautifully rendered, and no blur in the printing. The one massive difference visually in terms of card art is that the pane borders have been simplified, but I quite like it. Simplified, clean.

    If I can ever tear Mute away from the daily grind of life and familial responsibilities, I will try push him back down the rabbit hole. For anyone that wants to just look at everything that exists. there’s NetrunnerDB and if you want to try it out, head over to

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