Nemo: Heart of Ice references

I finally picked up the newest League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Nemo Heart of Ice) and while extremely short, it is chocked full of references.  Nearly every comic PANEL has some reference to an earlier work, many of which you have never heard of.  While of course it hits the Jules Verne stuff and in this particular story, tons of Lovecraftian references as well, there are numerous sources I had never even heard of.  I bet eventually in the span of time, these comics will be published with annotations, but for now we have to turn to the internet.

Anyway, highly recommended.  It’s not the best LoEG book (the first two were incredible and Black Dossier was an astounding achievement for a sourcebook) but it’s great.  My only complaint is that it was way too short but in light of thinking that CENTURY was the end of the series, it’s all good.  The art, in particular, is astounding.

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