Necromunda community edition book

I took the 2015 Community PDF’s for Necromunda, slapped them together, threw on a front and back cover and a few weeks later here’s the book.  It took about 45 minutes to make and the rest was waiting for the mails.


It’s not perfect, the text starts too low on the page, but nothing cuts off and the print reads perfectly.  I went for color because the community added rules and addendums are colored red throughout the text, and this is essential for plucking out the changes where  you think you know the rules.  This ran about 30$ plus shipping, so it wasn’t cheap, but now I can abuse this when we play rather than my actual books or shitty photocopies of the community edition with their goddamn staples falling out.

Back cover, I know it's not exactly Necromunda but you gotta love the bolter bitches!
Back cover, I know it’s not exactly Necromunda but you gotta love the bolter bitches!
Interior with color.
Interior with color.

2 thoughts on “Necromunda community edition book”

  1. Yep, Lulu. It did not take long (cover took the longest). The the PDF text is slightly lower (by about 2 cm) than I would have liked, but otherwise it looks great.

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