Necromunda – Cawdor vs Eschers

Got in a good shooting yesterday with the Scavengers scenario.   Matt had a brand new Eschers gang vs my dead-hard Cawdor (with 4 games under their belt) and it was a bit of a slaughter, though in the end, both gangs had to start taking bottle tests which was surprising.  The core issue was that the Eschers were full on close combat, and they had to move across some areas where they got shot up bad.   Also, I had some crazy lucky rolling throughout the whole game.

Matt had the idea to use the Talisman cones (which are USELESS in Talisman) for the status of Overwatch, Running, etc. in Necromunda.  I’m going to pull those things out and throw them in next game.

The new weapon from the community rules I hadn’t experienced before was the heavy flamer.  That thing is super beast.


Shotguns can work well on overwatch.

Shotguns can work well on overwatch.


Things are about to get real nasty…

2 thoughts on “Necromunda – Cawdor vs Eschers”

  1. Nice to see the hulk getting some use. Sooo many Necromunda bulkheads… seems only right it should be used to play Necromunda.

  2. Yes yes, So many I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to put together the rest of the buildings, but I found a box of them somewhere. I bought a lot of Necromunda stuff back in the day. I need to showcase stan’s afro-gang one of these days. It’s not a playable gang as is though as it has no juvies.

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