Mythras – White Death

Look at that cover and tell me that isn’t going to be scary? ┬áIt’s for Mythras (Luther Arkwright specifically) so look for this at my gaming table or roll20 shortly after it comes out!

2 thoughts on “Mythras – White Death”

  1. Actually, it’s a generic scenario that can be easily incorporated into Luther Arkwright (with notes for how to do it). In essence, it’s an arctic-based espionage/SF/horror mystery, self-contained and playable as it comes, with Arkwright, M-Space or, if fancy takes you, Call of Cthulhu.

  2. Very nice. A bit like the Gift from Shamash then. What I liked about Arkwright is that there might be the nearly-impossible-to-stop cosmic horror but the PC’s are quite capable in that game rather than CoC’s bumbling professors or gangsters.

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