Mythras – White Death

Look at that cover and tell me that isn’t going to be scary?  It’s for Mythras (Luther Arkwright specifically) so look for this at my gaming table or roll20 shortly after it comes out!

2 thoughts on “Mythras – White Death”

  1. Actually, it’s a generic scenario that can be easily incorporated into Luther Arkwright (with notes for how to do it). In essence, it’s an arctic-based espionage/SF/horror mystery, self-contained and playable as it comes, with Arkwright, M-Space or, if fancy takes you, Call of Cthulhu.

  2. Very nice. A bit like the Gift from Shamash then. What I liked about Arkwright is that there might be the nearly-impossible-to-stop cosmic horror but the PC’s are quite capable in that game rather than CoC’s bumbling professors or gangsters.

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