Mulling over Starting to watch the new season of GoT

GoT was good, but the final bit of last season where Tywin gets killed and Tyrion runs away and all that is about the end of the story in terms of where my interest lies. The parts with the dragons and Mereen and all that stuff is SO stretched out over the books that I lost interest completely. Think about it for a moment, the idea from the first book is that the dragon queen would attack westeros with an army of Kal Drago behind her. While her character changed over the period of books, barely anything weaved the two major character sets together in the first three books– it was a side show nearly completely. And in book 4 and 5, when things slowly get weaved together we are suddenly exposed to Dorne and Quinton and all those characters who, to someone that came into the first book expecting it to be about the Starks, it all a bit rambly.

The ancilliary character’s stories are interesting, but the core plot, the fate of the Stark children and their wolves, is really what I bought and paid for to see by both reading the books and watching the series. Let’s just say in books 4 and 5 that things get even more divergent.

Months ago, I thought, oh I better start on the series. I have to give it a chance, right? But then I happened to catch on youtube the scene where blondie rides off on the dragon, and try as they might, that was one of the cheesiest scenes I’ve seen yet in the series. Even when they were dealing with their tiny budget in the beginning of the show where they had to re-use sets (mostly in the red keep rooms) to keep costs down there was nothing that cheesy, not even close. So now they bring on the CGI…

So seeing that bit, I would say, without even seeing the rest of the current season, that that moment it may have all jumped the shark.

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