Mraakbowl Finals: Goatseed 2, Skinny Dippers 1

We got to see a lot of this action during the game.

Ah Nuffle.  How you tease and cajole with your spins of the dice and then crush with impunity at your fickle whims.  Chaos had their way with the Skaven in the Mraakbowl final and the dice chose Khorne  and the gang over the children of the Horned Rat— by a landslide.  Though the score was close, the butchers bill by the end of the second half was fairly ridiculous, with only four Skaven players, including a Rat Ogre who couldn’t seem to get himself up off the pitch for most of the game, were able to watch in dejection as one of the Goatseed beastmen ran it into the endzone slow-like surrounded by his stinking, frothing brethren.  The Skaven had a few opportunities to get the ball back, but just couldn’t get the luck when they needed it.  The game almost went into overtime when, on the final turn of the game, a beastman blocked a gutter runner so his team-mate could waltz into the endzone without having to dodge and it came up double skulls and a block result.  Without a reroll, it would have been another half of beatings for the Skaven (and only Nuffle knows what the score would have been).

Hopefully the league was a good time had by all (well, we did have our newb whipping boy in the coach of the Dust Pumpers) and let’s do another one!

Final Standings

  • 1st Goatseed (Chaos)
  • 2nd Skinny Dippers (Skaven)
  • 3rd Atlantis Falcones (Amazons)
  • 4th Mad Dragons (Norse)
  • 5th Avalon Avengers (High Elves)
  • 6th Undead (Dust Pumpers)

Best Scorer

  • Slit Slut – Skinny Dippers

Most Casualties

  • Julius – Avalon Dragons (yes a friggin’ HIGH ELF)

Most Running Yards

  • Athena – Atlantis Falcons

Best Tosser

  • Athena – Atlantis Falcons

3 thoughts on “Mraakbowl Finals: Goatseed 2, Skinny Dippers 1”

  1. Julius says: “Get your stinking paws off me you damned dirty (insert race here)!”

  2. The game would have, at worst, been a tie at the end of regulation if I knew how to throw the ball to an open space. There even would have been a pretty good chance for me to steal a victory assuming I could have outpaced you to the ball lying on the pitch. Cain said I just had to click some sort of action/passing button to throw the ball to an open space, UI failure.

    The beating against my team was quite extreme as the first injury you rolled was a kill on the first turn of the game, instantly using my apothecary. I think I came away with 4 guys suffering serious injuries and suffered 7 or 8 injuries total. Brutal.

    An enjoyable side note: The chance for failure on your three dice block was 1/3*1/3*1/3 = 1/27, ~3.7%! Nowhere near as bad as Steve’s double skull result fail chance (1/6*1/6=1/36~2.8%). Take that, Math!

  3. I’ll have to look at how to do that. Might be useful for the Dump Off Dark Elves.

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