Mraakbowl Finals!

The Skinny Dippers (Skaven) and Goatsee (Chaos) made it into the finals of the Mraakbowl.

The Norse team (top seed) was knocked out of the running after a hard fought 4-2 shoot out with the Skaven. While the Norse are arguably the worse team in Blood Bowl, their coach is arguably the best coach in this league to have brought them so far.

The Amazons, in contrast, are one of the better Blood Bowl teams, but just couldn’t stem the tide of Chaos, losing 2-0 in what amounted to a big frown from Nuffle on all of Amazonia and the inevitable questioning by the coach of the dodge skill’s existence if his ladies can’t dodge worth a damn. ¬†Chaos, on the other hand, was dodging up a storm with everyone on the team as if they had greased themselves up with pig-fats. ¬†Shockingly, none of the Chaos team made the leaderboard for most casualties inflicted, a sad state of affairs that will likely be rectified during the Mraakbowl Final.

Stay tuned to see whether or not Nuffle favors the Horned Rat or He who sits on a Brass Throne atop a Mountain of Skulls.