More scrumfail in the gaming industry?

It’s not explicitly stated by the interveiwees, but some of the statements by both the lead on Elemental War of Magic and now APB’s Josh Howard lead me to believe that they tried to adopt scrum or some form of Agile to their development process and,it added up to fail.  I just happened upon this interview and noted the line: “‘we don’t need specs’ and ‘we don’t need this, we’re just going to move” which is a classic scrumn00b statement.  The only game company I know 100% uses scrum is Blizzard, but I suspect Torchlight followed an agile model.  However, just like any method of project management, it takes training, practice and diligence.  Jumping on the ‘no specs!’ bandwagon is easy when sitting in meetings at the beginning of projects, and you get a lot of head nods from people who hate it, but even with the most document-lean methods of Agile, you still needs something to capture and report what the hell the software is supposed to do.