Mad Max!!

Holy Fuck. That was film of the year. Like an exultation to the gods of War and crash up derbies.   The film blew the doors off of anything I’ve seen in years.  Like matt said: ‘they knew what they had to do and they did it.’  Despite all the violence, it wasn’t a gorefest and only had a small bit of nudity (from a distance even). There was one gross-out scene to really solidify the bad guys as real cunts, but that’s about it.  Don’t want to spoil anything by writing too much, so go see it now!

Also, it was an awesome representation of 80’s brit-punk styling throughout. Despite some shit-assed 3d glasses I had, I’m going to need to see it again and again.  Too bad I sold off my set of Dark Future… oh wait, that’s right, the rules sucked.

dark future

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