Laid up ditherings

I got something, either some virus or god knows what off the disease bombs that live in my house and expose me to such things.  While I was largely comatose until 10AM or so, I got in some hours (feverish, granted) of DARK SOULS; managing to finish off the first real boss and then get killed during an invasion almost instantly afterwards.  This is how you do MMO’s frankly.  You either join someone’s game to help them or kill them, all the other mucking about in stores and towns and the socialization aspect is left far behind in the chatrooms where it belongs.  Fights are very fast, at most a few minutes and many over in seconds (like when I was invaded today).  Having trouble with a boss?  Call in someone to help.  Want to kick som ass? Invade other player’s games.  Otherwise the game is fantastic even if you never play it with anyone else–and comes to PC August 28th!

In addition, I spanned some time wandering around the internet and was fully titillated once again by Warlord Games “Bolt Action” by Rick Priestely.  While I have a few AT-43 armies and managed to find all my old 2nd edition 40K stuff recently, I’ve never been a big fan of miniatures games with guns, much preferring the huge blocks of sword and board armed models crushing into each other.  That said,  Bolt Action looks great.  The scale looks about what you’d expect for 25mm. ie not an out of control tank swarm game like 40K.  A couple tanks, about 30-40 guys and you’re good to go.  I will definitely pick the game up when it comes out later this year.   But will it ever get played?  Who can tell…

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