King of Dragon Pass for iOS tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day for King of Dragon Pass.   It’s pricey for an iOS app at 10$ but it’s definitely not in newly-risen genre of megaswarm of crap iOS games.  If you have an i device and like strategy games at all, this is an absolute gem.  I don’t have a device that will run it yet, but soon…

However, it’s not an easy game to be successful at so here are some tips.  Granted, I played this game only twice (about 70 hours of play) and didn’t win the first time through.

  • Pick a balanced clan.  I went all war the first time through and yes you can clear out other clans, but then they hate you forever.  One thing to note is that you can crush other clans into the ground, but they never disappear completely (at least when I played).  They just move far far away.  You will get plenty of chances to fight.
  • Clan circle selection is key.  Make sure you have a circle that hits gods that will help you with everything a little bit rather than over focusing.  Humakt is probably the one I would leave off at first (though having someone on the circle devoted to him is good when you are out to kick some ass).
  • Don’t try to get too big.  Your Tula can only hold so many people and there is a balance between cramming every single building filled with people (which leads to problems) and not having enough people (which leads to problems).  This is a tough balance to hit.
  • Be patient with the rituals.  Rituals are a key element of the game, but they can be confusing and sometimes frustrating to complete.  There are a lot of factors that go into a successful ritual and if the clan member going in isn’t too good at what he needs to be or follows the wrong gods, he’s not the right choice.  This can be tough to suss out.