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I was challenged by Matt when I stated that Boss Monster 2 was probably not the best kickstarter to back (since it’s a 2 really and not the original game, why would they need to kickstarter it at all?).  Boss Monster is a good light game, but not great (like Condotierre or Glory to Rome or 7 Wonders in the same vein).  Caveat to this I would say Boss Monster 2 may be one of the better ones for gaming up at the moment, but that’s because we just came off Winter kickstarter madness with stuff like the new Bulldogs and Bloodrage.

I don’t come off as a cunt without suggesting REPLACEMENTS, so here are kickstarters that you should back that are up now.

  1. De la Soul’s new album.
  2. Goodman Game’s 5th Edition Fantasy – even though I don’t yet play 5th, I have 1 and 2 of these and they are solid (one is Michael Curtis so there’s that) and can be used with any of the good D20’s that aren’t 3.5.
  3. Car Wars Classic Arenas:  I played as a kid but am not a big car wars fan– yet playing this out in a cabin in the woods would probably be pretty great.
  4. And from Wisconsin: Dice Display box and roller.  Fucking awesome.

I can’t back all these (only backed #2) since I’m spread out on Patreon and Kickstarter already too much recently, but you should since you have a lot of spare money right?

3 thoughts on “Kickstarters to back”

  1. Have you gotten your hands on any of the Plaid Hat games yet? Dead of Winter or Specter Ops. They’ve been staples on the table lately. DoW is great if you like the traitor mechanic without ever knowing if there even is a traitor. S.O. is a great secret moves game (where one player moves and the others are trying to find them while doing other things). PHG is turning out to be a pretty good company and I am going to pick up Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn just to see how they handle a customizable card game (with dice mechanics included). This one has a high chance of tarnishing their record, but I’m ok with that.

      1. Specter Ops is awesome, too. What’s best about it is that the gameplay slightly alters with more players. In a great way. A 5 player Specter Ops = 1 Agent and 4 hunters with 1 hunter secretly being an agent. I need to get a 5 player game on a table soon.

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