Kickstarters – I like the tshirts

So I’ve backed a couple kickstarters recently and I feel good about them and I believe I am not wrong in saying Kickstarter is one of the greatest things on the internet EVER, fuck your facebook and twitter and all that other garbage !except! as the necessary path for us to get to the realization of kickstarter.

T-shirts.  One was for Atomic Robo and literally it was ONLY for the Tshirt and because the character design is cool.  I had forgotten even what the kickstarter was for but shiiit the tshirt looks cool.  I also thought it was a kickstarter for the new Evil Hat RPG based on Atomic Robo, but that was wrong, but it is still a cool shirt.   I got a pretty good one from the Bulldogs kickstarter, but it should have had an Urseminite on there!  Doesn’t matter much because the Bulldogs kickstarter is probably the one donation I feel like I should have backed MORE because it’s a great little game despite the art. I may get burned in the future on kickstarters, but I can always look back at Bulldogs as the one that totally shined.

So there it is: t-shirts sell me on kickstarters that I may not care about game-wise.  If you have a cool T-shirt and you have some semblance of a good idea for a game thingy (other kickstarter stuff that’s non-game–who the fuck cares?), then you probably got me right there at the 15-25$ level.

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  1. I agree 100%
    Kickstarter is doing great things for the projects that may have never been. I just backed Shadowrun Returns and they met their goal to the tune of 459%. This is in no small part due to the backer levels getting more and more awesome as the money piled in. I started with the 1st tier until I saw what they added to the 2nd…then the third. I did an average of $$$ to backers and it turns out to be right about where I pledged… $50. It certainly feels like a win.

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