Iphone Puzzler of note: SPL-T

Puzzle games are mostly boring shite.  Suduko, Candy Crush, crossword puzzles, all that crap bores the piss out of me to even think about (though I do like Bubble Bobble and Super Puzzle Fighter).  There are a mess of puzzle games on the iphone, since it’s a device that has such a small screen it’s a good form factor for that type of entertainment.

One that’s come out recently that is of note is SPL-T.  It’s a game that involves splitting your iphone screen in half vertically and horizontally until you no longer can. You score points in ways I still don’t fully grasp, but seem to get more and more the more splits you make.  Until yesterday, the high score (just over 7K) I had was from the first time I played the game– playing completely randomly with no idea what was going on!  This was only beaten when my wife tried the game and played randomly and beat my score.  At that point I had to figure out what the hell was going on and I finally got an over 11K score shortly after. That said, it’s quite a good little game you can pick up and play fast, or think about it a lot and play slow.


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