HESCHER (the film) out today

A film that just was begging to be made I guess. Love the 80’s cars and “costumes” you can see from the trailer.  It seems odd that this would be in California as I would choose a place like Flint, MI or (of course) Waukesha, WI as a better place.  Actually in Waukesha’s case there are still plenty of heschers walking around resplendent in high top black Reeboks, stone washed jeans and painters caps.


2 thoughts on “HESCHER (the film) out today”

  1. Wow… I’ve developed somthing akin to an idée fixe for Natalie Portman that invloves condiments and a lack of clothing. Also, I find Joseph Gordon-Levitt quite the actor. Does anyone else find his features and talent similar enough to possibly fill the shoes of Health Ledger? I don’t know, maybe as a replacement Joker?

  2. You are not the first person I’ve heard that from. Probly Levitt doesn’t hang around with the Olsen twins either…

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