Goal failure! sort of…

10 miniatures a month complete.  Seems easy? Doable?  Yes and yes.  How could I have failed?  I blame the weather and Rackham!  The first week of the month started off awesome: I finished 6 Beastmen Gor and was poised to meet the goal by mid month– if I had had any more primed Gor or Ungor.  Then the weather turned from bitter cold to the drizzlin shits of rain, where priming was impossible.   So I grabbed one of my bigger models, the hound of scathach from Confrontation 3, as a stand in for a Razorgor and that took two weeks.   Eventually the weather cleared and was able to get a mess of stuff primed and I tried to pull it out and get to 10 in the last couple days, but I just couldn’t pull it off.  Still it’s only 103 points…

April has to be 14 or I’m no brushman.

Wow that's a messy table.
probably just mad because that corpse stinks something awful

5 thoughts on “Goal failure! sort of…”

  1. yes they are full of winning. Some of the older stuff is lame, but the 3rd edition stuff, especially the later releases (Drune, Molochs, etc.) are just amazing. I just still can’t figure out why they went to the pre-paint plastic stuff for Confrontation (AT-43 seemed logical).

  2. out here in the god damned boondocks the tabletop action I can get is through Privateer Press. So it seems Warmachine is (though not completely terrible) is fulfilling my paint on metal needs.

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