Gencon! signed up for….


We were looking at Dungeon Crawl Classics, Feng Shui 2, 13th Age and everything was instantly booked within 5 minutes. Is it because these things are pretty cool and a lot of the other events fucking suck? Sure, but within 5 minutes? Ridiculous.

That said I’ve hung up my Shadowfist cards for anything other than casual play and that’s freed me up for an ALL RPG GenCon weekend– All RPG if I can get in any games that is. A weekend of wandering around the main hall like a zombie being touched by all that fat flesh has it’s appeal, but I’d much rather get some serious butt-rot from sitting in a chair slinging the fucking poly’s after spending my budget in the main hall the first hour of the con.

A D20 that walks!
A D20 that walks!


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