Gencon 2015 day 2

we got in a Runequest game with Lawrence Whitaker and I was the only character that died (of a horrible disease).  Then we got loaded at the ram again and got turned loose in the great hall.

While there we saw Tom Babbey who is a buddy that did some awesome art for D&D 5e.  I think he won some awards last night which are well deserved.

Between that and the AEG game night, we rolled up and started playing a Lamentations adventure with STeve GMing.  He said a phrase of boxed text and I thought for a moment I had read it before but it turned out it wasn’t the case (fuck for satan?)

The AEG game night was solid, we played a short game of Junta and a newer game called Game of Crowns which wasn’t my favorite.  Junta is pretty fun but it’s old school design means you can get stuck with fuck all to do for 15 or so minutes at a time which is not great.  the back stabbing though, is spectacular.

pictures: coming– I’m posting from my phone.

I like the ken Whitman drama story unfolding here as well.


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