Atari you fail at giving shit away for free! I registered for a Star Trek beta account in 2009 or early 2010 and now that account can’t be used to download this free space piss called Cham-pee-yaaaahns Online? WHUT? So I try to do a password reset because you tell me my email is already in use. The reset password dialog box tells me the email is not registered.

10 print “FUCKUATARI ”

20 goto 10


2 thoughts on “FUCKUATARI”

  1. Heh. Sounds a lot like EA and the battlefield games. The developers that make the actual games are solid but when the corporation that publishes puts their crap-wrapper around the whole deal, it’s horribly implemented so you have to go through a layer of corporate shite to get to the game itself.

  2. downloaded to give it a shot. The character creator has some depth. The gameplay itself is an unexplainable type of terrible.

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