Feng Shui 2 in the works!

Just was tooling around and found some posts by Robin Laws about development of Feng Shui 2! This game was a huge influence for everybody, as well as being really fun to play. What it brought to the table were MOOKS and Stunting. Now, stunting has advanced in PNP “technology” over the years so the old Feng Shui stunting doesn’t actually work that great in comparison– but it was the first game that many people were exposed to the concept, and it’s all over the place since (Exalted, FATE, Cortex, it’s actually the core mechanic in Dungeon World as well as a solid place in 13th Age). Mooks are now (with 13th Age) in D&D and will forever be a part of RPG gaming– it’s basically an enemy or mass of enemies

The question I have to ask the man himself is — will the Architects be in the game? The answer is likely yes because Robin Laws is not creatively bankrupt like the current Shadowfist developers.

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