Fawesome Blood Bowl mod

Since Games Workshop has really not supported Blood Bowl for the last 10 years or so, it’s been tough to get miniatures and gear for the game. As the fans of Blood Bowl are absolute fanatics, it stands to reason that they would make stuff to be able to play the game, but this is crazy awesome. Cubes for every position with their stats on the top of the cube. No idea where skills are at, but this looks extremely playable– though still no replacement for miniatures. I have a massive BB collection along with ‘storing’ teams of other people so I don’t have the issue of needing to hunt and peck on ebay for models at whatever expense the market will bear, but if I did, this looks like a great alternative (and I remember still as a kid playing with the cardboard stand ups from first edition).

the cubed of blood bowl
the cubed of blood bowl

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