Eschelon Texts all over the place

During football season, I get a lot of texts. Hundreds really, sometimes each day about this player doing so and so for various local sports teams. I know I get these because I explicitly do not like American Football. People think I’m being contrarian, but two events early in life coloured my view of watching sports.

First, I had a friend that I had just made at school, I was very excited because I liked this kid and we were going to play at his house. We got there, I figured we’d start playing with toys or some games, but instead, we sat down and watched—football. After 5 minutes I couldn’t wait to go home. This was in first grade or so, and I realized at that time that watching sports, particularly football, was not for me.

Second, I got to go to some Gator games and while fun (read: drunk and with hot girls) the game itself was boring to me. I went to a pro football game a few years later and it completely removed my interest in the sport forever: the COMMERCIAL time outs that turned a 1.5 hour game into a 3.5 hour waste of time just irked me, and nowhere is it more evident than at a pro football game. What happens during the commercial timeouts on the field? Nothing. While you at home are watching Culligan Man or Viagre, the entire stadium is just waiting and the team is just sitting there. It’s the worst ever.

That said, and I digress, I am no longer getting the Football texts, this week I am getting ESCHELON 3 texts– tons of them. Certain people of a certain people are texting back and forth minute by minute progress of their games.

For example:
Those Umbral Dogs in the second level of the mine are badass

Yes! I found a book that gave me CARTOGRAPHY!

I have a real hard time spending three points in game.

While this is much better than football, I haven’t played an Eschelon game all the way through, so I don’t have any idea what it’s about (just played the demo).

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