DOTA 2 Beta- you could get in…

I'm mad, blind and there is blood shooting out of my mouth-- just like all the 12 year olds that play DOTA!

Via Steam, if you do a hardware survey AND a “experience with the game” survey you can possibly get a key into the DOTA2 beta.   I played it a bit back when it was all shiny new in Warcraft 3, but it’s been a while certainly and I was but a dabbler.  On the survey, I  had no idea what any of the heroes were actually named and they ask you your top five so -uhhhh.  I mostly used the guy that looked like the blind Night Elf from WC3 all the time so I had a top, um,  one.  That said, if you like the League of Legends and DOTA action, we’re going to get hammered with choices soon as both Valve and Blizzard enter the ring and lets face it in light of Team Fortress 2– Valve’s will be the best.

That said, I never gave Bloodline Champions a go—something that might be worth trying out.

4 thoughts on “DOTA 2 Beta- you could get in…”

  1. Bloodline Champions is barely a moba and not quite a dota. It’s more an action oriented pvp-a-thon there the rules are NOTHING like HoN, LoL, or DOTA/DOTA 2. With the experiences I’ve had so far, League of Legends has the lion’s share of subs right now and is a fantastic entry point into the DOTA genre. But it is just that, an entry level DOTA. HoN requires a larger skillset and more patience but it is still rather typical of the genre. Probablt the most lackluster in terms of how visually appealing it is. DOTA 2, while still in Beta, is absolutely where the serious DOTA players will be hanging out. If you don’t know your shit, don’t bother here. The learning curve is akin to riding something like Tony Hawk’s halfpipe with up and downs throughout. A breif summary of the game is this: LEARN TO FUCKING DENY! Denies will instantly set you apart from other players if you are good at it. if they can’t make money and can’t level, they can’t win.

  2. I’ve given up myself. I’ll stick to DOTA on training wheels or as most know it League of Legends. I’m actually “OK” at that one. DOTA 2 is for the true cyber athletes. God… even my fucking pixels are fat and old.

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