DND- interesting read on saving the license

While I haven’t played D&D for decades (pathfinder, well, a year or so ago), I still follow the unfolding drama of 3rd to Pathfinder to 4th to ??? from time to time and came across this:


Since I haven’t played D&D for a long long time, I’m not even sure what people that play it want to get out of it, and especially if my demographic is even relevant at all to the brand. ¬†Certainly there is a faction of players my age that have gone directly back to the Basic/Expert set (really the first really viable ruleset for the game) or enhanced this with subsequent publications to keep it a ‘living’ game (i.e. Labyrinth Lord, ¬†or Lamentations of the Flame Princess, etc), and there’s a faction of players that have gone off to the more WOW-like 4th edition– and the rest who have abandoned the dungeon crawlers to get to the more narrative RPG’s (let’s face it, hacking through 66 Gnolls when not in a computer game is pretty bloody tedious for those over the age of 13) if we play at all.


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