Disgaea 4 sprite compare

FukaNippon Ichi has had a tough couple of years–and I daresay it’s from not focusing on what they do well, and what they do well is make Disgaea (and Phantom Brave), so they are staking everything on the new iteration of the game. Given that sometime a few years ago, some new consoles came out that allowed more colors and better graphics, NI has finally gotten around to redrawing their sprites a bit bigger than what we’ve seen on the PS2 or PS3 so far. Stuff looks great– a full compare here.  I’m worried about this game– not because it won’t be good, but because it will finally push me over the edge to get a PS3 along with the worry that my non-gaming responsibilities have finally added up to the fact that I can no longer put the time in to actually enjoy a good old SRPG…

2 thoughts on “Disgaea 4 sprite compare”

  1. This makes me look upon my copy of Disgaea 3 with some amount of disdain. I’m a self-professed graphics whore and this should have happened with that title, not the second on this generation of machines.

  2. For sure–but I think that was at a point of transition for the company on which platform to build on, I think Disgaea 3 could have sold really well on the PS2 had it come out for it. I am still confused about their position to not release anything on the 360.

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