Diablo 3 open beta this weekend!

Trying to download? this is just a taste of what’s to come on the launch day…. I would get the beta and hopefully it will simply UNLOCK the rest of the content when you make the purchase on launch day– but good luck there, the monkeypile has begun!

3 thoughts on “Diablo 3 open beta this weekend!”

  1. The beta install will become useless on 5/1. The beta version will not just unlock to full game, you must pre-order from Blizzard to obtain the retail installer. You can grab the retail installer from a trusted friend. The retail installer will download 8GB of the game so you can install faster once the game unlocks at 1201am pacific time 5/15 (i’ve done that part already). The beta servers are so fucking full this weekend all you will get is a error 37 when you try to play, much like you’ll get if you try to play opening day. It will be best to wait a week before really trying to play the game I bet. Just think in your head Diablo 3 releases 5/22 and you’ll be okay.

  2. yeah. Mute and I played with no problems on (I think ) Friday night. I spent all day Saturday rubber fucking banding and getting disconnected. Sunday I got the dreaded error 37 a number of times and said “fukkit, I’ll wait” I have to say though, what little I did enjoy was with the Witch Doctor. I thoroughly plan to flaming frog fuck bitches in the face with my VoodooSwampNinja as quickly as I will be allowed.

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