December progress on the beasts

Ugh.  I felt like I painted a lot in December but I didn’t get much done in reality.   I meant to get my Bestigor out the door but I only ended up completing three Gor, one Bestigor and my second Chariot (which has a bestigor on it).  I couldn’t complete the riders in time for the new year but got close so finished those up last night.  The bestigor is a bit messed up.  He’s pinned to the floor of the chariot but his left foot is off the ground.  Not really noticable but still not ideal.  I had to put the driver quite a bit forward but I feel that worked out pretty well.

This January, now half way gone already, is all Bestigor– IF I can keep my dirty dirty paws off my old Epic 40K stuff.  I started improving a couple of infantry stands here and there and it turned into fixing up 22 stands of infantry from their rather dismal 1992 paint jobs, and that took a lot of work.

see the floaty foot?
crap I can see one of the ears wasn't painted...


2 thoughts on “December progress on the beasts”

  1. Beasts looking great mute. It’s very much a damn shame I never learned how to paint, my Talisman pieces are hopelessly grey.

  2. yeah man, but it’s not hard to do though– all technique rather than artistic skill– unfortunately most of those Talisman figs are not worth painting but I would do them for you if you want. MRAAAKK

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