D&D 5th edition announced, let the 4th edition nostalgia commence!

I haven’t played D&D seriously for well over 20 years and have no interest in the ‘generic’ fantasy RPG genre whatsoever, but the drama around the editions has been quite a show the last few years with Pathfinder, 3.5 and 4th edition vying for dwindling post-Lord of the Rings film RPG dollars while the 40+ crowd all want to publish their own take on the old school revival (=meh) to keep it all so 1978 real as their mid-life crisis output (Labyrinth Lord, etc.). While 4th edition is not my cup of tea from a setting side nor system side (your character cannot die in the game), I appreciate what the designers tried to do with the DM XP points system and changes, however abortive sometimes, are progess. However, after playing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition over the break I am now certain THAT was the way D&D should have gone. Granted every single iteration of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay has been better in setting, art, systems and tone than any of the generic fantasy stuff  TSR, Paizo or Wizards has yet produced so what FF did with WFRP is to be expected as they had big shoulder pads with spikes to stand on.

Anyway– here is the announcement.  Give me a three legged goblin, some nurgle sausages and chaos cultists ANY day of the week though…

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