DarkSpore – Saving the Investment

remember spore? remember the hype? will wright makes new super game!!! a game that lets you take a single cell organism and evolve it to a space fairing race! i remember. i bought it. i played it. it fucking sucks. the game is trash, i would not recommend you try it. even will wright left ea after making it. i believe he left because spore never became what he truly wanted it to be, something that had a foundation in cool science that let people play with the stuff of life. instead it became a shitcakeburger that was not fun to play because it never challenged the player in cool ‘HOLY SHIT SCIENCE’ ways. the game was dumbed down into a “sims with creatures” borefest.

so what is EA(ss) to do with all the money the dumped into the spore brand? how can EA(ss) cash in on this failed product to help re-coop the investment? FUCK!?! make a action rpg using the spore brand! that’s what. arpg players are desparate! they are all awaiting diablo 3 and will buy ANYTHING to help fill the void and quench the thrust.

take a shitty brand, a poison root, and make something awesome from it. what a fucking terrible idea. enter darkspore.

darkspore launched april 26th 2011 for $50 and now it’s on sale for $30. not even too months later and the game is 40% off. fucking shitty. having played the beta, i can tell you the game is worth 5-10$ and even at that price you’ll stop playing after 3-5hrs because there is nothing there to play. it’s a grind fest of epically shittackular proportions. argps may not need a story, but damnit it HELPS A LOT!!!

it pains me to think about all the talent in the game industry that slaved away to make spore and then darkspore. all the hours put into games that are not worth using for entertainment because they are not fun.

6 thoughts on “DarkSpore – Saving the Investment”

  1. Ummm, what did you just say?

    Half of the stuff I was reading either seemed to be spelt/typed by a five year old or someone whom had down-syndrom and their parents (or siblings) let them on the computer to write. On a side note, its not “wright”, its write. But getting back to the matter of Darkspore I thought it was an alright came.

    The EA developers had pulled of this fairly well in my opinion, since it is very had to have an extensive list of creatures to keep the game interesting but to all have every last detail they had put into the creature customizable right down to their very feet, it was no easy feat to accomplish. Whom are you to judge a game if you only look at the straight forward content that a monkey could point out? Its obvious to how you write that you wouldn’t know hardware from software and a kilobyte to a megabyte, you probably think its all the same.

    This game isn’t the greastest I (or anyone else) has played from the Spore brand but its not all terrible. Just look at it, Every level is different from the last, New enemies as you go that you can counter by evolving your creature (Or a whole team of them!), All around good graphics if you don’t have the money to go and buy a $150 to $300 graphics card and even the ability to team up with up to three different people and stomp some rather original and unique critters.

    If you think that is a “sims with creatures” or “shitcakeburger” as you’ve said with your rather distasteful and unwanted grammer skills then you can go politely, as polite a five year old can be, shove your head into a pile of dirt, sticking your thumb up your butt, and await your Diablo 3 that might too be a “terrible game” like Darkspore

    1. Anon, you can’t rip on someone’s grammar and misspell the word while doing so!


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