Damn the Minecraft

I ‘played’ Dwarf Fortress an hour or so a day for about two weeks awhile back so when Minecraft started getting the buzz on, it was quite easy to say: “fool me once” and not try it.  I bit the bullet over the weekend and picked up the Alpha version and now, predictably, it’s an obsession (at least for the next two weeks or so).

That said last night, I learned how to make stone picks, wandered away from my spawn point, got lost and had to dig into a mountain when night fell to avoid the rapening.  I underestimated the speed with which digging can be accomplished with a pick and dug down down DOWN until I ran out of picks and couldn’t see anything and got lost.  Of course I hadn’t found any coal at this point so no light, no pick, lost inside a mountain.  I started digging up and it took me half an hour to get to the surface, only to find that it was night again.  Waiting for daylight, I chopped down some trees and then wandered back down into the mountain hole I made to build it out a bit (I had no idea where my respawn area was).  ten steps down and BAM blown to pieces by three giant green penises.  How did they get in there? At least I found my spawn point again.