d2 hardcore mraakairy – part 2

flyingassbang update  lv10-20

she made it. she’s not dead, yet. i’m a little more then halfway through act 2 with flyingassbang. i’ve only had 2-3 close calls that put her damn near death. these close calls stem from running into room full of baddies and getting hammered by ranged baddies and almost surrounded by melee baddies. simple rule of thumb, don’t fucking rush into rooms. with her lighting rez at 60% the most feared lightening enchanted fuckers don’t do shit to her.

i’m not found much in the way of good loot for her yet. i mean really nothing to brag about at all. the unique club that gives her 60% lightening rez is about the coolest shit she has, and she’s a sorc! i do have a nice 3 socket grey staff i want to put some runes in soon, but that’s about it. i don’t like that i have to get out some internet FAQ to find out what can be made with runes, that is gaytownusa. i’m glad crafting will be more ingame friendly for diablo 3.

when flyingassbang’s amazon hireling hit lv17 she got a sweet-ass rune/gemmed bow, 150 poison damage over 5 seconds and 8-12 fire damage. so while flyingassbang is freezing shit that little amazon woman hireling is mr. yuck fucking all the frozen enemies to death.

flyingassbang is mostly in the cold skill tree for now, with a bit of lightening and fire to help deal with any cold immune assbags that show up. she trys to keep Shiver Armor running at all times, helping protect her from any shitcakes that get close, while blasting away with Glacial Spike. She used Ice Blast for a while there, but switched to Glacial Spike when it became available. A bit of Frost Nova to help in crowds and a Static Field here and there on bosses.

is this the right way to play? use only 1-2 skills the entire time mostly? goddamn that seems broken, so badly broken. i very much am looking forward to using 7 skills in diablo 3, just beling able to use 6 different skills direclty without having to swap out right mouse button with a new skill will be great. when i played the d3 demo in 2010 i loved how the skills could be easily combo’d as you have directly keystroke access to them.

overall i enjoy this d2 hardcore mode a lot more then regular d2. you are forced to be careful about how you play. i do worry about not being able to get past duriel or having to grind up lv’s to beat him… we shall see what happens. mraak! it’s on to ShoeDrinker – lv10 Barbarian now.

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  1. I think that as you progress you tend to switch back and forth between two skills for the sorceress for attacking.

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