Computer death!

And there it goes, my main gaming rig (I have a win2k box in the basement for the old stuff…. so much good old stuff….) died this weekend and it simply has to be replaced, what with the computer desk I just got a few weeks back.  I’ve been waiting for awhile to get a new one and here is the perfect excuse.  Honestly I think it’s just the power supply, but really, the socket 939 has got to be put out to pasture.  The rig served me well since late 2006 with long hours of Oblivion, UT3, Mount and Blade, Fallout, BF 2142 and allowing me to play through the single player of BFBC2 stretching to the limit it’s capabilities with only one video card upgrade.

Needless to say I haven’t gotten any computer gaming this past week at all, and I’m going to start feeling withdrawal symptoms soon– a week with no Torchlight?  No Shogun Total War 2 Demo?  And what will my Caribbean beer empire do without me in Port Royale?  My biggest issue with getting a new rig is that I have no more excuses not to spend a heap of cash and months on Starcraft 2, or splurge on Crysis 2, Bulletstorm and shortly, Brink.  Mraaak!