Common Sense

I really am not a fan of politics– as a history buff, it gets all too cyclical for me at times. However, I took a listen to Dan Carlin’s Common Sense this afternoon for the first time and it deals quite a bit with the attack on public sector unions, teachers and the like by Wisconsin’s corporatist-cunt-in-residence-governor, but more importantly, America’s failure to manage it’s decline properly (a theme Dan Carlin has focused on in a couple of his history podcasts in the last year).  Good stuff and worth a listen certainly, especially since it’s explicitly centrist.  I for one think Wisconsin deserves what it gets for how it’s people voted last year.  Though, how can you stop a group from collectively bargaining?  They can strike or have sit ins or marches– you can’t stop it no matter how you legislate it.  What are you going to do? Put all the teachers in the state in jail? Can they be replaced by Chinese workers making $.50 per hour?