Cabin in the Woods!

Absolutely worth seeing.  I can’t say a ton without spoiling quite a bit of it, but even those not a fan of the ‘teens in the woods having sex and being killed by stuff’ genre (Cabin Fever, Evil Dead, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc) will appreciate it.  Like Inglorious Basterds, Cabin in the Woods is both an homage and a genre deconstructionist piece where one can no longer look at the other films in the genre the same way again.  The climax of the film is just so well done, it’s worth paying the price of admission just for that.    What’s more, the writers aren’t trying to hide anything– in fact you can pretty much figure out what the twists in the film are in the opening credits.  Watching it play out, especially in scenes where the viewer knows what’s going to happen even though the characters do not, is pure joy.  In some parts, all I could think about was Alan Moore’s crazy homage pastiches from Marshall Law and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

However, in the teens finger fuck in a remote area then die genre usually has some stupid characters– in fact it doesn’t work without some stupid ones– Cabin in the Woods contains characters that are all very smart and thinking almost all the time.  When you see the film you will think to your self: “why didn’t they use IDIOTS instead?”