Bulldogs funded!

some sort of ewok/ badger style alien...

Looks like my first Kickstart backing has made it’s mark and is going to press shortly.  While this one worked out, the Kickstart system is essentially ‘pledge to buy it before it exists’ which is a huge risk of something totally sucking ass.  You don’t get charged until the funding goal is met so you’re covered if it doesn’t make it’s funding (and most projects on there don’t).    I think a few lessons from watching this and some other projects–have your shit close to done, if not totally done, so you can show off pieces to people and let them know that “hey this is not just an idea, this is something real, we just need funding to publish it or get through X phase.”  Artwork is also key at the funding stage.  If you can put together some good comps that spark the imagination in people, the cash is probably going to flow pretty well.  One kickstart I saw had a description of “I don’t want anyone to steal the idea” which is silly because HUNDREDS of people have had the same idea and will probably not get it executed.   Needless to say, that had no funding at all.

So I’m looking forward to seeing the Bulldogs book and will be checking Kickstart for good stuff which I’ll post.  The awesome thing is that this system totally circumvents the current publishing system while allowing people to not have to take out big loans or self-fund their (good) ideas.

4 thoughts on “Bulldogs funded!”

  1. so, why don’t you bring some of the ideas you’ve had to light and put them on there? I seem to recall a board game you guys were heavily invested in. Would this be the right place to push something like that?

  2. Yeah but again, it has to be almost all the way done and therein lies the problem. Time man TIME.

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