Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout action

Leinies hasn’t been on my list of beers to go out and get for awhile.  The Red is good, the nutbrown is solid, but the Sunset wheat is far too sweet and I am not a fan of the honey/berry wiesse’s at all.  We drink a few cases of their regular lager in cans while camping each summer and I have no complaints about that one for a sessionable  beer, but Tuesday I had what is easily the best brew they have brewed to date (at least that you could drink and buy) and that’s their ‘Big Eddy’ line Russian Imperial Stout.  I guess it’s going to be only around for a limited time, so grab it where you can.   It’s an extremely well put together stout, with some real earthy richness at first blush that gets fruity and a little sour at the end.  I was at a place where it was free and I drank a LOT of it, I had no desire to switch to anything else, and usually I’ll hit the ports/stouts and then switch to a weisse for the rest of the night.  Great stuff.

One thought on “Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout action”

  1. At 9.5 this is a dangerous one to drink a lot of, too. It’s delicious and easily goes toe to toe with the limited release stouts that go for $15 a bomber that people wait in line 2hrs for. It gets no respect on beeradvocate though, coming in at a measly (for imperial souts) B+. I think it’d fare much better in a blind taste test. If I were a bettin’ man, I’d put my money down on a bourbon barrel edition of this coming out soon.

    Next time you’re over we’ll crack the 10′ and the 11′ to see if age has done anything to it.

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