Bestigor, the line in the sand this week

Looking at my Warhammer Fantasy Battle miniature backlog is a truly daunting thing.  I have a 4000 point chaos army, a 3000 point beastman army and a small Dark Elf army sitting on shelves with, for the most part, no paint on them.  I have been pushing through painting a 30+ bestigor horde for the last—YEAR.  This week that’s got to end.  I sat down yesterday and cranked on four of them and when I finish those off I will be down to five to finish off the unit.

With painting, it’s one of those things that’s not hard– I don’t set a super high standard for my core units (though they do look really good on the table) so there’s no nervousness around painting that you would have with say, anything CONFRONTATION or 28mm skirmish anything (including Blood Bowl) where it really has to look good when close viewed.  It’s more of a motivation thing– my painting table is filled with miniatures and when I finish them, they go away in a box so ALL I see is the unpainted stuff and a mass of metal and grey and black staring back at you with their dead, unpainted eyes can be intimidating to the extreme.   I’ve been painting beastmen on and off since 2005 or so when we thought we’d start playing 6th edition (we didn’t). With the bestigor unit done, I will have 100+ painted models for the beasts– really a small amount for a horde army but  the bestigor unit completion the rest of the army is all downhill.  Next up are 25 Ungor– not a joy to paint but easy and then about 15 more Gor, which I can probably paint in my sleep.  After that, Nine minotaurs …at that point I could slap together another chariot, paint the Giant or get the obligatory swarm of level 1 bray shaman to huddle around the Herdstone Shard done.  With the exception of the minotaurs, all pretty easy stuff considering.  So this week the Bestigor get done…

I just have to keep chanting:

Their walls will fall.
Their faith will fail.
Their flesh will tear.

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