Bestigor test model

Oh yeah– bad weather and back to painting is in full swing (albeit Skyrim and Saints Row 3).  I did a paint test model for my bestigor unit and here it is.  Mostly this post is to list out all the colors so I don’t forget what I used.  I’m going to do 3 metal treatments and probably another skin treatment to mix up the look of the unit.  I want especially to do the bestigor’s snouts black like the cover of the book, but didn’t do it on the test model.  Note, I got ripped off by a guy on ebay selling bestigor bits and so his body is actually from the new Gor kit.  Except for a couple places on the upper body, it looks totally fine– though the normal bestigor have armored (and sweet lovin’) thighs.

in Progress

Horns: deneb stone washed with delvan mud and highlighted with deneb stone and skull white.  This is from WD and worked out really well.

Skin: same as always: Dark Flesh, Vermin brown, Vermin brown + bronzed flesh (a discontinued color at this point)

Metal:  Tin bitz, drybrush boltgun metal generously, drybrush silver a bit and wash with Vallejo Smoke with a lot of water – this gave a great weathering

Fur: not happy with it on this guy but here it is: beastial brown washed with delvan mud, highlighted with Snakebite leather and then snakebite + a bit of bronzed flesh.

Axe handle: scorched brown washed with black ink + delvan mud, highlighted a tiny bit with bleached bone

Leather: black as a base color, highlighted with snakebite leather and edge highlighted with deneb stone with a final wash of delvan mud. This is another WD recipe– on paper that should look like shit but it works out awesome on some parts.

Base:  absolute key to every miniature looking good. If you’re going to be anal about something, the base is it.  Bestial brown over black (important as black forms the lowest highlight, drybrushed heavily with snakebite leather, then again pretty heavy with bleached bone with a wee bit of static grass glued on here or there. Make sure to do the flat sides of the base in at least 2 coats of bestial brown to get a good finish.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with it– it’s not awesomely great, and while the Bestigor are the best heavy infantry in Warhammer 8th edition, he’s still just a rank and file.   What you can’t see here is that his left arm is poorly attached to the axe hand and looks atrocious if you look up close on that side. However in a unit ranked up, this will be totally invisible.

completed angry beast with his buddies in the back waiting for their turn