Beat this dead horse…

Maurice!Bastard posted this link about Diablo 3 and I think this concisely expresses what a lot of people (people that played the game a shitload more than I did) feel about Diablo 3’s failure as a game and I don’t know if this dude coined the phrase originally, but I think the term “Gear Check” game is something we’ll be able to use going forward forever to refer to what Diablo 3 and games like it are (sort of like calling people Nazi’s– everyone understands what you mean).

If this is in the TL:DR region, skip to the bottom part about “Diablo 3’s Fake Difficulty.”

As boring as Starcraft 2 is (to me at least) and terrible as Diablo 3 is, I think Blizzard should stop making games entirely.  Doing a crappy online CCG is just another indication that they have no idea what players want (outside of the MMO space– but what normal people would ever play an MMO in the first place?).

And of course, likely there will be no MAC port of Torchlight 2 any time soon, which is sad but when your player base on a platform is less than 5% of sales, it’s tough to justify a big expense there.  A far better game it is for everyone.

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