Atomic Robo RPG – first character: BIG JIM

Snazzy spy suit to boot!

I (which means in some cases WE) got into the third round of beta testing for Atomic Robo RPG/FATE core 3.0 (Huzzah!), and the first thing I did was spew out a character using the no math version of character creation.  FATE usually takes a bit of time to make characters, and Atomic solves this pretty well with a fast method and less aspects (Dresden and Spirit of the Century require TEN for each character).   There are two types of characters– simple and complex (or weird).   The simple method is pretty streamlined and gets you into the action fast, but it’s not possible to make a human blob or batwinged prehistoric monstrosity that way.  For starters I chose and icon from the mid 70’s: BIG JIM.  His aspects are ripped from Wikipedia and various commercials from the early 70’s where he had a backpack that talked.   I think with a GM at your side, one could probably make a character like this in less than 15 minutes, even if you didn’t know FATE well.  The only tough part are the Stunts, which can be filled in during play.  The complex character generation will take a bit more doing, as it allows similar skill creation as Strange Fate/Kerberos Club.I’ll post something created via that method next.
Big Jim

Organization: Big Jim’s P.A.C.K.

Modes and Skills

Good (+3)

  • Intimidation (+4)
  • Contacts (+4)
  • Deceit (+4)
  • Will (+5)*
  • Rapport (+4)*

Fair (+2)

  • Athletics (+3)
  • Notice (+3)
  • Combat (+4)*
  • Physique (+4)**
  • Vehicles (+3)*

Average (+1)
CONCEPT:  Basic good guy leader of the P.A.C.K.

INTRIGUE: Average Caucasian Male with no other distinguishable characteristic

ACTION: I’m going in for a look!

BANTER: Permanent good attitude

Open Aspect: a Joy for Life

Look out sir! : When hit, put a minor consequence on any of your teammates or friendly NPC’s rather than yourself

Give me the keys: +2 to drive any vehicle type never driven before

I’ve got the tools: +2 to Declarations regarding having the right tool for the job

Signature Aspect: Permanent good attitude

Call the P.A.C.K.: Spend a fate point to steal the iniative and choose who it goes to.


So he’s a natural leader and has some skills there but the meat of this guy are his stunts.  He can have his teammates take consequences for him and control the pace of a fight with his Call the PACK stunt.  While not a heavyweight fighting, he can hold his own against normal foes.  His science is REAL weak so that’s a gaping hole that will need to be filled by team mates.   I started it as a joke/test, but this is a character I’d actually dig playing.