Atomic Robo character #2: Tessai

U mad?

Having fun with the “Weird” character builder.  Like Kerberos Club, Atomic Robo allows custom skills and modes, so you can conceivably build just about any type of character, and so here we go with one of the greatest anime villains there is: Tessai from Ninja Scroll.  This is not even in the wheelhouse of what Atomic robo is about, but here we go.


Organization: 8 Devils of Kimon!

Modes and Skills

Good (+3)
Ninja (9 points for mode) (3 Skill point upgrades)

Athletics (+4)^
Combat (+4)^
Intimidation (+4)^
Physique (+5)^*
Stealth (+4)^
Will (+4)^
Fair (+2) (9 Points)

Average (+1) (9 Points)

^ upgraded by cross skills
* upgraded with points

Contept: Stone bodied Ninja

NINJA: Trained by Gemma

ACTION: All strategy is deception

INTRIGUE: A dead girl might be an interesting lay

Open: I am the strongest of the Devils of Kimon
Signature aspect: Stone Bodied Ninja

Weapon return: Always have thrown weapons made of metal return by next action.
Immune to normal weapons (Armor 4, At a Cost)

Stronger than Normal humans (At a cost)

Equipment Extra:

Double Edge sword
Function: Slice!
Flaw: Huge

Weapon Stunts:
Spinning Death: Attack Effects everyone in a zone either current or one zone away (at a cost)

Massive Weapon: Weapon 4
Stress Boxes
Physical: XXXX

Mental: XX

So  Tessai  is a typical Brick with invulnerability to normal weapons and some armor against abnormal attacks.  Both are “At a Cost” which creates a narrative difficulty or aspect when it’s used.   I built a custom mode (NINJA) for him but no custom skills (didn’t seem necessary to get him to where he should be).   As one of his extras, he has his double sided sword that he can throw to hit everyone within his zone or one away and does a lot of damage.  One way to do the Brick style is to create a stunt where he can defend with his physique.  Since it’s only +5 (nothing super human there) I wanted to go with the invulnerability extra instead.

Next up, I’m going to try something really odd, like Arakune from Blazblue and the like