Army Fucked

This is like a train wreck that I couldn’t look away from.  I watched nearly the entire 2 hours.  There are two videos, skip through some of the army review once you get the gist.  Mouth you will fucking love this.  This guy is being GENEROUS with his critique of these paintjobs splattered across such an amazing army to boot.  All of it looks like absolute hack shit–the vehicle models– my god what an atrocity against those sculpts.  I have no idea who the painting service is, but they won’t be around long.

2 thoughts on “Army Fucked”

  1. What the FUCK! Who spends that kind of money on painting an army! All that shit is Forgeworld, that makes it 2-3 times as expensive as standard GW. On top of that he paid $17 per model for the rank and file… so at a minimum he paid close to $1,700… and from the sound of it all the larger models were considerably more.

    If I were him I would be raging pissed, and would not have the time to put together a YouTube video… I would be busy hopping on a plane to go convince Blue Table Painting to fix it or give me my money back.

    Though I don’t think I would ever be in this situation… I did have an army painted but it cost a fraction of what this dude paid… and for what I paid, I am very happy.

  2. He’s not pissed enough. I would send out a unit of mooks first to see how the do with the paint job before I dump a bunch of cash on that.

    That guy should sell his army and try to get some cash back. Then start again. Or dip them.

    Damn shame.

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