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Torchlight 2 addiction is in full swing, so there hasn’t been the normal cavalcade of posts about stuff recently. Needless to say, Hardcore TL2 is a harsh mistress. My problem is that I get finicky about my class selection and just can’t stick with one character. Likely because I’ve played Berserkers for so long that I want to try something new, and that’s been the outlander. Outlanders, well, no one plays them that I know, so I’ve never seen one in action that I could say– “wow that’s cool!” I built a close combat Outlander but the build is only viable once you get BURNING LEAP at level… 35! As soon as I got that high, the character died almost instantly. With Sensless at about level 65 or so dropping loot down to all of us, it’s been really easy to build characters back up once they are toast… but when he croaks during some Mapworks misshap, who will help then?

Mods. Synergies I know is solid, but I tried the HACKANDSLASH essentials mod today for a bit and it’s a massive hodgepodge of a ton of other mods. Some of the classes looked cool, but I am skeptical that it will all work well together and am not sure I want to time sink to find out. Synergies is a total overhaul mod, like Zyel for Diablo 2, and I can get behind that. I think once Matt finishes the game hardcore (which will take months most likely because he refuses to run a shield/wand combo with his embermage for survivability) we’ll switch to non-hardcore synergies.

I’d also like to get a legendary drop one of these days…

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  1. I have expressed to Maaaaaaaaatt the importance of a god damned shield in his build! He insists on having his staff in his hand. *snerk!*

  2. Matt gets the first legendary drop of synergies out of all of us and it’s the same one I got back when the game first came out. So disappointing.

    Having now won the game in synergies and seeing that there are super versions of all enchanters available in map works at all times, the game is, for me, quickly devolving into a zyel break the game style of play. Focusing on huge cash generation so it is no longer a barrier and then focus on the creation of super items that remove all combat challenge. It seems I’m well on my way for the cash generation thanks to discovering the Treasure Hunter spell effect that stacks on top of itself, allowing me to get 900+% to gold drop after fighting a mob, leaving piles of 1500 gold lying around all over the place.

    However, I am interested in seeing how well a character that is built up in NG map works does once I move through the NG+, ++, et al. levels. My understanding is the base creature level and item drops goes to level 51 on NG+ so I’m guessing this is the same as running those map levels on the map works. I have a feeling this might not be true, so am interested in seeing how it plays out.

    1. Synergies is the next step. Synergies is built to be played Elite ONLY and has a lot of end-game content (reportedly).

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