Anathema with Lunars and Abyssals (and Sidereals) oh my!

Not that anyone truly understands how they work, but here they are.

Ok well my job as a GM just got a shitload easier.  Exalted antagonists are troublesome to create at best and extremely time consuming at worst.  While appreciate some of the other efforts to digitize the creation process, Anathema has by far the best usability and resulting character sheets, but has been stuck with Solars and Dragon Bloods for years now– many years actually, due to the original development team backing away from the project.  Well, as hinted in an over-exuberant post last summer, Anathema 2.0 has been released and includes Abyssals and Lunars AND Sidereals.  I’m just grabbing it now to give it a go.

In addition to having the new splats integrated, ANATHEMA is the place that best collates all the extra charms for Solars and DB’s into one handy dandy program.  So if you are just a player (and I envy you if you are because you get the easy part) this is still worth a download.   You will need to procure or enter your equipment data in the system still, and the charms have no text (just page numbers in whatever tome contains them), but still it’s quite an asset for players as well as GMs.